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Protecting Freedom Against Mandates

We must not allow the Federal government to dictate health policy to Florida or allow bureaucrats and woke companies to substitute their judgment for our own health choices.  Thankfully, Governor Ron DeSantis forced local governments and school boards to remove the mandates, which saved lives and businesses, but the fight is not over. We must curtail the government's emergency powers to prevent future tyranny.

Protecting Citizens Against Illegal Immigration

More than 2 million illegal aliens crossed our Southern border last year.  The Federal government has failed to do its job in securing our borders and is now transporting illegal aliens into Florida.  The resulting influx of illegals means increased burdens on our healthcare system, judicial system, school system, and fewer jobs for Floridians leading to artificially lower wages.  It also means an astounding increase in human trafficking and opioid overdoses causing death.  Illegal aliens are often exploited by smugglers and unscrupulous employers.  To combat these problems, we must detain and remove any illegal alien and require that employers verify employment eligibility by using the E–Verify system. 

Protecting Parental Rights

Parents have both rights and responsibilities that are not surrendered when their children arrive at school.  In recent years, our eyes have been opened to the indoctrination occurring in public schools.  Good teachers are being driven away by mandates that force vaccines, masks, and curriculum that conflicts with basic morality, leaving behind the social activists and diversity czars who focus on gender ideology, race ideology, and anti-America rhetoric.  Children are not to be used and manipulated for information.  Schools exist to educate not indoctrinate our children.  We must strengthen and preserve parental rights and focus on a quality education that every child deserves.

Protecting the Unborn

The United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and held that the U.S. Constitution does not confer a "right" to an abortion.  As a result, the issue of abortion must be decided by each state legislature.  Since life begins at conception, we should protect the unborn while allowing for justifiable exceptions, especially when there is a serious danger to the life of the mother.

Protecting Seniors

We need to improve legal protections for seniors, including protection from the government.  Our current system makes it far too easy to impose an involuntary guardianship on seniors under the pretense of protecting them from exploitation.  Individual liberty is sacred, especially for seniors who crave independence. 

Protecting Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Firearms are used lawfully every day for security, self-defense, sportsmanship, and hunting.  The right of Floridians to keep and bear arms is protected by both the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution.  We must preserve this awesome right through training, education, and modeling responsible gun ownership and stop fear mongering.

Protecting Biological Females

Safety is a priority when we enter into enclosed and vulnerable spaces.  We must ensure that bathrooms, locker rooms, and state prisons are designated male or female.  A public or private entity can establish one or more stand-alone bathrooms for use by anyone, but we must ensure that schools and any establishment providing locker rooms designates private areas for exclusive use by biological females and separate private areas for exclusive use by biological males.  Also, state prisons must protect women by segregating men and women and providing for same-sex search protocols.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bonnie Jackson, Republican for Florida House District 42.
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